In order to use an account at KeenSpace, you need to know how to FTP. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, but I will use the term as a verb, as well as a noun. In short, it's how you get files uploaded to your site.

If you are on a Windows system, there's a great chance you've got two ftp methods built in.
One method is in many versions of Internet Explorer (but not all), with drag-and-drop file movement, which is intuitive to most users. You can't control things like whether a file is ascii or binary - it interprets that. However, it will do everything a basic keen site requires, and it's pretty easy to use.

The other, which is not quite as easy to use, but is more universal, is command line ftp. I've never seen a Windows-32 system that didn't have it (although they probably exist).

If you want to use Internet Explorer's ftp, keep reading.

If you want to use the command line ftp, go to this page.

IE Drag-and-Drop FTP

First, go to your ftp page. It's the same as your regular page, but with ftp, like You get a blank page. Now go to your file menu, and the first option should be 'Login As...'.

NOTE 1: If you don't get the 'Login As...' option on your file menu, your version of IE doesn't have ftp built in. Go to Gear, a help site on KeenSpace, to find other versions of ftp.

NOTE 2: If doesn't respond, go to, and that works just the same.

Your ftp password is the same as your site password. Case-sensitive, as always.

You can now see the site like in a visual file manager, or explorer:

From the file menu, you can create new folders on your site (although there's no need when you're first setting up - all the folders you need are already there).

Mostly, you just need to upload your indextemplate.html, and comics. Comics go into the workspace/comics folder. Other images go into your public/images folder. You can drag and drop files from your Windows Explorer (or similar app) to your Internet Explorer. Here I'm moving a file called tandrxover.gif to my images folder:

NOTE: I've gotten feedback from some Keen'ers that when they try to drag and drop, their mouse turns into a 'don't' symbol (like the 'Ghostbusters' symbol), and they can't drop the file into IE. Unfortunately, I don't know why that happens, so I can't suggest a soution, other than to go to Gear, and look for help on other ftp.

You can download by dragging files the other way - that is, from IE into your desktop explorer. That's enough ftp to manage a KeenSpace site. Happy stripping.

Keenspace is a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.